Street Dance Workshop with [ICNH]


Sunday, April 28th

2:00 – 4:00pm

ICNH [Insert Crew Name Here] workshops make use of street dance techniques not taught in dance studios – hence the term “street”. This workshop will introduce participants to the foundational tools and techniques that will improve your street dance knowledge and freestyle abilities and will be taught by Phillip Wood and Kadeem Paige – both [Insert Crew Name Here] members. The workshop will conclude with an open floor dance cypher – providing an opportunity to explore street dance and freely share anything else on the floor, no matter the style. Get loose so you can get down! Open to movers of all experience levels ages 13+.


Kadeem Paige, from Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of the founding members of [Insert crew name here] ICNH. He’s been dancing for over 8 years learning street style dances like animation, popping, and krump. Kadeem will show you how to freestyle with your dance using skills like musicality, Flow, presentation, and a few battle tactics. If you are used to only learning choreography and would like to grow some confidence in pure improvisation, you will definitely want to learn from Kadeem – so your dance can grow in a creative and organic way.


Phillip Wood is one of [ Insert Crew Name Here ] ‘s newest recruits. His dance career started at IUPUI with a group called Xiphos Corps. His goal is to bridge the gap between studio choreography and street style dance scene. Phillip will focus on teaching you breaking/hip-hop choreography, great for anyone who’s looking to have a good time.




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