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Center to Edge and Back:

Patterns of Total Body Connectivity in technique, improvisation, and partnering

with Madeleine Reber

Saturday, June 29th from 1:00 • 4:00pm

This workshop for movers of all experience levels weaves together concepts from Laban/Barteneiff work, modern dance, and contact improvisation. We will dive into juicy dancing, from the raw elements and subtle sensations, down to the bare bones, and spiral into complex articulations of movement. As soloists, duets, and ensemble, we will investigate inner (body) and outer (space) patterns that support dynamic, integrated, balanced movement. With the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity as our base, we will spiral through guided somatic experiences and developmental movement, improvisational investigations, articulate phrasework, and partnering.

Madeleine Reber, MFA, CLMA is a choreographer, dance educator, and Certified Laban Movement Analyst, as well as Artistic Director of SALTY LARK DANCE. Originally from Yellow Springs, Ohio, Reber began performing and choreographing professionally in Western Massachusetts after earning a BA in Dance from Bennington College. She is a former member of Amie Dowling’s inter-generational company, The Dance Generators and has danced for many independent choreographers along the East Coast. Reber has been teaching dance and movement at colleges and universities, and in the professional dance community for over fifteen years. Her knowledge of Laban/Bartenieff work, along with extensive experience in release technique, somatics, and contact improvisation allow her to convey a deeply embodied and clear conceptual understanding of the moving body.  Her choreographic work has been produced by: Links Hall; Minnesota Fringe Festival; Midwest RAD fest; Core Project Chicago; Milwaukee Fringe; The Kitchen Columbus; Columbia College Chicago; North Carolina Dance Alliance; and The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, among others. Reber has served on the dance faculties of East Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Illinois State University. In Chicago she has also taught at Columbia College, DePaul University and Dovetail Studios. She regularly teaches workshops in modern release technique, contact improvisation, and somatics in the Chicago area and around the Midwest. She is currently adjunct faculty at the Embodied Education Institute Chicago.

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Jess Pretty

Choreographer • Dancer • Teacher • Writer • Artist


As a black female dancing body I am constantly investigating different methods of world-building so as to have a self created limitless potential for possibility within a society where my body has been deemed one that is impossible. In navigating this possibility I am looking to re-claim the stakes attached to my dancing body which find their ways into my work by relentlessly going after feelings of the fantastic. Feelings of unbelievable swelling. Feelings of pleasure and multiple possibilities. I want many things therefore I feel my work is rooted in a constant friction; moving back and forth between variant ideas and placings of movement and knowing. Friction finds itself inside of rhythm and directionality – two foundational components to my making – because friction can lead to surprises. And I love surprises. A third foundational component is physicality which often finds itself serving as a reactionary tool to the rhythm and directionality. Physicality is valued in my work because of the ecstasy that it can build in the body. Ecstasy building is a deep part of my physical practice because of the myriad of states that can result from it. A swelling takes place in the body, in the mind, in the mood, in the meaning, in the relationships to other bodies and in the relationship to space. What is that feeling between moving bodies? That giving and taking of euphoria that is downright addictive to locate, tirelessly rubbing up against variant possibilities of the body as it folds into different times, spaces, and relationships to those around it. What I’m building for myself and others through my work is something of a survival strategy; something of a method to the madness.

Jessica Pretty is a New York based dance artist, choreographer and teacher. She received her MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a Queer Studies minor. Pretty has performed in works by Will Rawls, Jennifer Monson, Niall Jones, Cynthia Oliver, Abby Zbikowski and more. She has presented work at panoply performance lab, the CURRENT SESSIONS, three ACDA conferences, the Emerging Artists Concert Series at Green Street Studios, and Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

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Original. Performance. Experiments. Now

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OPEN Indy (Original. Performance. Experiments. Now.) is a new program for performers of all disciplines in the Indianapolis area, conceived by Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective and NoExit Performance, that provides accessible, professional, and dynamic training opportunities.

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