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Contemporary Masterclass w/Brandon Welch

Friday, February 22nd • 6:00 – 8:00pm

Sunday, February 24th • 2:00 – 4:00pm

Space is limited so drop-ins cannot be guaranteed a spot. Preference will be given to pre-registered participants. Page down to register/pay and reserve your spot.

Brandon’s class aims to create a safe space where dancers can explore freedom of expression and engage in physical disciplines to increase mobility, strength and awareness. As a class, we will establish connection to the floor, utilize momentum and explore contemporary phrase work. Through experiencing grounded movement and releasing tension in the body, students can partake in physical and mental renewal. Brandon’s class will encourage students to take risks and challenge participants to trust their surroundings, including the floor and their fellow dancers. Class preview

img_7279Brandon Welch is a mover, teaching artist and creator originally from Indianapolis, IN. Brandon holds a BFA in Dance Performance from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance with a semester on exchange at the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts. His performance career includes being a company member of Momix Dance Illusionists, Doug Varone and Dancers and Gibney Dance Company. As a performer and educator, Brandon has shared dance in Armenia, Argentina, Peru, Singapore, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey and across the United States. During his time with Doug Varone and Dancers, Brandon participated in Dance Motion USA’s cultural diplomacy program to South America and performed in Les Troyens at the Metropolitan Opera. Additionally, Brandon has performed works by Twyla Tharp, Zvi Gotheiner, Stephen Petronio, Lane Gifford, Hilary Easton, Reggie Wilson, Joanna Kotze and Ohad Naharin.

Brandon is passionately committed to utilizing movement as a catalyst for social change. This has led him to work with survivors of domestic violence, incarcerated people and connecting artists across borders and cultures. He is the Founding Executive Director of Awakening Movement, a community of artists dedicated to bridging faith and the arts. As an emerging choreographer, his recent works have been commissioned by Dance Ensemble Singapore, Belhaven University and Awakening Movement.

Register/Pay for 1 masterclass: You pay $15 (+ $1 online processing fee).

Register/Pay for both masterclasses: You pay $25 (+ $2 online processing fee).


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Capoeira: The Dance, The Fight, The Game

With Ethan Obenauer

Saturday, March 9th • 2:00 – 4:00pm

In this unique workshop we will cover a broad range of topics following a model of isolation, integration, and improvisation. After a quick warmup, we will explore some fundamental movement concepts through partner-based activities and become acquainted with several basic elements of Capoeira – including the ginga (to sway or swagger), handstands, cartwheels, kicks, escapes, etc. We will use these movements to create a partner sequence and then incorporate them into a game of Capoeira played within the roda, or circle. You may even learn a song or two in Portuguese!

Capoeira is a dynamic, acrobatic, and playful mix of expressive movement and martial elements. It blends elements of dance, improvisation, self-expression, attacks, evades, feints, acrobatics, pantomime, and music. Practitioners of Capoeira learn to utilize and improve kinesthetic awareness, strength, balance, and dexterity within the context of a playful and “game-like” setting. Capoeira has a strong element of partner play, similar in many respects to contact improvisation. It has the added benefits of introducing practitioners to music, culture, history, and community.

bio 1Ethan has been a practitioner of Capoeira for nearly 10 years under the instruction of Contra-Mestre Carcará of Capoeira Mandinga com Expressão and earned the status of Monitor, or senior student, in 2015. Ethan has taught classes at Academia com Expressão as well as college campuses, schools, and community events. In Indy, he has taught classes and workshops at BASE Parkour/Art du Deplacement, White Pine Wilderness Academy, and IUPUI. Ethan has attended various workshops and events throughout the country and trained with many teachers, instructors, and Mestres from Brazil and around the world. Capoeira has opened his eyes to a wider world of movement. He has attended two workshops with renowned movement teacher Ido Portal, and is an active practitioner of Parkour and indoor climbing. Movement is his passion, and spreading that passion by sharing it with others is his goal.

Registration is required in order to participate. Drop-ins will not be allowed to participate. Registration will be capped at 20 participants in order to ensure everyone has enough space to safely move.

Register/Pay for the Capoeira Workshop: You pay $15 (+ $1 online processing fee) 

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With grateful hearts…

On behalf of all of us at IMAC and NoExit Performance, THANK YOU to all of you who brought your beautiful energy and enthusiasm to our first OPEN Indy experience. Whether you were a workshop participant, performance participant and/or an audience member, we could not have pulled this off without you. To put something of this magnitude together requires moving at least a couple of mountains, but the satisfaction of sharing such a rich experience with this community makes it all worth it. We are all so grateful to Gerry Trentham for being so instrumental in the success of this project.

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If you weren’t for you…

Thank you to our every growing community of OPEN Indy Supporters: Bethany & Aaron Bak, Amy Barragree, Sean & Michelle Buchanan, Yvette Cecille, Faith Cohen, Lauren Curry, Eve Earley, Amy Baum Goodwin, Cheryl Gregory, Benjamin Hanna, Sarah Harrell, Ronald & MaryJane Hartman, JoAnn Hirata, Freddie Kelvin, Mary Mitchell, Heidi Keller Phillipps, Cindy & Kyle Ragsdale, Ingrid Sato, Ashley Sherman, Idrienne Steiman, Hadar Tann, and Jenny Thomas.

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What is OPEN Indy?

OPEN Indy (Original. Performance. Experiments. Now.) is a new program for performers of all disciplines in the Indianapolis area, conceived by Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective and NoExit Performance, that provides accessible, professional, and dynamic training opportunities. Each year, OPEN Indy will bring top-notch interdisciplinary teachers and artists to our community for master classes and performances geared toward all levels of experience, from the novice to the professional.

Please consider supporting this program, thank you.

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