Kinetic Kids

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Interested in children’s classes? We need your input!

Thank you for clicking on Kinetic Kids! We launched this children’s movement series in September of last year and had a very small, but exuberant group of movers sign up. We regrouped and tried again this spring with expanded ages groups but ultimately did not have enough registrations to move forward. We need a minimum of 10 registrations per age group (4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 year old) in order for the classes to meet. If you are interested in movement classes for your children please email us at and please let us know:

  • The age(s) of your child/children
  • If weekdays or weekends are best
  • What days of the week are preferable (if weekdays are best)
  • If morning, afternoon, or evenings work best
  • If we may add you to our email list for Kinetic Kids
  • What kind of classes you are looking for: modern, ballet, hip hop, creative movement, etc…


Once we feel we have enough interested families, we will launch Kinetic Kids again!


What is Kinetic Kids?

Informed by Anne Green Gilbert’s classic Brain Compatible Dance Education, Kinetic Kids offers children a nurturing and energetic setting in which to develop cognitive, kinesthetic, and social skills.  Curry has 8 years of experience instructing students of all ages, a passion for teaching, and no hesitation to get silly!  She combines imagery, story-telling, and time-tested class management skills to keep kids engaged, safe, and learning!